Women Entrepreneurship Development (vision/mission)

Key objectives of the Department

The overall objectives is to provide strategic direction for promoting competitive and responsible SME women’s entrepreneurship and embedding gender equality in all areas of works thus creates gender sensitive business environment and accelerating economic growth in Bangladesh. Therefore, fostering women entrepreneurship and recognizing women as an important economic change agent, source of employment and innovation for building potential economic development. More Specifically:

  • To provide a framework and strategic directions to identify the gender gaps, needs, interest, and opportunities issues involved in women entrepreneurship development in the SME sector. Such strategic analysis and understanding can be explored the most effective ways of advancing women entrepreneurship at local, national, regional and also in international level.
  • To promote the empowerment of women and gender equality through addressing the problems of exclusion of women relating to entrepreneurship mainstreaming gender into policy level and facilitate effective support for these target groups.
  • Support to women's led trade bodies/associations for their building institutional capacity and competitiveness.
  • Assist gender sensitive value chain analysis for identifying the gender relations impact on different parts of a value chain.
  • To create favorable environment for women entrepreneurs and bring them in the mainstream of development process.
  • To ensure full participation of women entrepreneurs in economic development of the country;
  • To improve efficiency of women entrepreneurs in performing their business responsibilities.
  • To strengthen institutional capacities for monitoring and evaluation of gender equality in the area of entrepreneurship development.
  • To enhance women participation in the decision making process and buildup capacity to improve knowledge ,skills, abilities, aptitudes, values and preferences in order to set up a successful business.
Main activities of the Department


  • Promotion of women entrepreneurship and the issues which are important to them.
  • Member support and networking opportunities.
  • Training, and professional development.
  • Effective lobbying, and advocacy.
  • Institutional Linkage and networking development.
  • Research and exploring new ideas.
Main opportunities and challenges facing the Department


  • Social impediments limiting women’s entrepreneurs entrance into mainstreaming business.
  • Current policy impediments encouraging gender parity embedded in society which limits women’s participation and entitlements.
  • Poor financial access occurring as attitudes of institutions, attitude towards borrowing, access to credit, inclination towards borrowing, demand for credit etc.
  • Poor access to professional and technical skill development opportunity for building competitiveness.
  • Absence of gender friendly technological advancement and improve quality of product.
  • Exploring women entrepreneurs in digital economy with innovation.
  • Assisting e-commerce for linking with global business networks.
  • Creating women business alliances and connecting in market.
  • Advancing women trade bodies institutional capacity to be act as alternative financial source for women SMEs.
  • Encouraging social campaign program for advancing women entrepreneurship as a sprit of economic development.
  • Fostering policy advocacy for mainstreaming gender at level for breaking the barriers of women entrepreneurship in the economy.
  • Capacity development to enhance technical skills and ensuring standard of quality.
Main actions of the Department in support of booster sectors


  • Sharing meeting with different stakeholders to develop common consensus and perspective building relating to women SMEs.
  • Roundtable discussion for policy Advocacy towards gender mainstreaming.
  • National conference/seminar symposium for developing network and linkage among the different professionals.
  • Organise research fellowship and management trainee program in cooperation with different universities business faculty for building women trade bodies institutional capacity.
  • Workshop/training to enhance knowledge and skills in contemporary SME issues.
  • Conduct study and information dissemination.
  • Organise fair/expo to exploring marketing opportunity.
  • Organise national SME Women Entrepreneurship Award for recognizing their participation and contribution in national economy.
  • Organising Women Entrepreneur Forum Secretariat.
Main links of the Department with business/trade associations


  • Membership
  • Working partner/partnership
  • Institutional linkage
Main current strengths of the Department

Skilled professionals and sufficient budget allocation to implement the program