Training for SMEs

The SME foundation is very much keen to build capacity in the form of skill development for SME entrepreneurs and those who are interested or feel encourage to become SME entrepreneurs. Considering the dire needs of the SME entrepreneurs the Human Resource Development (HRD) wing has been organizing different kinds of training program through public private partnership system. In this connection, SME foundation has been organizing different nature of capacity building program like entrepreneurship development & management leadership program, cluster based skill development program, cluster based technology development program and productivity improvement program. The category wise program are as follows:

Entrepreneurship development & Management leadership:
(a) Entrepreneurship Development
(b) New Business Creation
(c) Develop Competitive Business Plan
(d) Preparation of Project Profile and Project Appraisal
(e) Improvement of Productivity
(f) Marketing Management 
(g) Business Development and Financial Planning

Cluster based skill development program:
(a)Food Preparation and Processing 
(b)Leather Products Production & Marketing
(c) Bamboo Products Production & Marketing
(d)Fashion Design & Dress making
(e)Basic Beautification
(f) Jute Products Production & Marketing
(g) Artificial Jewellery & Pottery
(h)Food Preservation & Marketing
(i)Fast Food Production & Marketing
(j)Screen Printing
(k) Handicrafts etc.

Technology Development Program:
(a) Hands on Training on Heat Treatment
(b) Hands on Training on Welding & Cutting
(c) Hands on Training on Surface Treatment
(d) ICT in business communication
(e) Hands on Training on Material selection.

Techniques of Productivity Improvement:
(a) Basic concept of productivity
(b) Productivity by objectives
(c) Tools of motivation of productivity improvement
(d) Productivity diagnosis
(e) 5s: Japanese tools of productivity improvement
(f) Green productivity
(g) value added productivity
(h) Gain-sharing of productivity
(i) Total Quality management
(j) Waste minimization

The HRD wing of SME foundation has a comprehensive Month-wise Annual Training Calender where different modules of training programs have been available. Very soon the Training Calender of SME Foundation may be uploaded to the web-portal of SME foundation for ready reference of SME entrepreneurs/stakeholders.

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