Wings of SMEF

Implementation of SME Policy Strategies adopted  by the Government of Bangladesh
Implementation of the SME Policy Strategies adopted by the Government of Bangladesh is one of the main responsibilities of SME Foundation. SME Foundation continuously assist the government in core issues mentioned in the policy strategy like: recommend rational budget structure for SMEs, advice on fiscal and financial issues, assist to ensure quality of SME products, assist in capacity development, techno-entrepreneurship development, information support through web portal, establishment of virtual SME front office, assist in technology transfer activities at international level etc.

Policy Advocacy &
Policy advocacy & research is one of the most important mandates of SME Foundation aims to sustainable SME development in the country. The main activities of Policy Advocacy & Research Wing are to facilitate for growing enabling environment to run SME business smoothly in the country. The Foundation is very much keen to extend their policy supports for creating better environment on credit lending in SME sectors. The regulatory barriers appear as challenges for the growth of SME sectors and therefore, SME Foundation works to identify and resolve the challenges on legal and administrative regimes like regulatory barriers on trade license, patent and trademark, product certification, environmental issues etc.

Credit Wholesaling Program

Credit wholesaling is one of the major activities of SME Foundation to ensure easy access to finance for the SME entrepreneurs. SME Foundation has already taken credit wholesaling program as pilot scheme with its own fund. SME Foundation helps the SME entrepreneurs by providing collateral free loan at 9% interest rate to the technology based potential SME manufacturing industries along with agro-based industries.   

Capacity Building & Skill Development
SME Foundation organize training program in public-private partnership module to enhance the skill of SME entrepreneurs as well as to create new entrepreneur. Training programs like entrepreneurship development, SME cluster wise skill based, technology based, ICT based, ToT, productivity and quality improvement, marketing, management, financial management etc. are conducted by signing a MoU between training institute or SME related association. Besides, SME Foundation also assists trade bodies/ associations as an important part of capacity building to develop their skills.

Access to Technology
SME Foundation is committed to improve competiveness of SMEs through technology up-gradation, adaptation of advanced technology, diffusion of appropriate technology, moving towards reverse engineering, and compliances and product certification. SME Foundation is also devoted to enable SMEs to energy efficient and environmentally sound.  

Access to Information
SME Foundation provide update information and data through its own web portal ( to the government, planner, decision maker, executive, researcher, investor, policy maker and to the SME entrepreneurs to establish new business or run business in a profitable manner. Establishment of a data bank with different information, data, findings and strategy for the development of SMEs at local and international level is an important activity of SME Foundation.

Women Entrepreneurship Development
Bring the women entrepreneur to main stream development process and facilitate them for women empowerment is one of the prioritized activity of SME Foundation. Main activities are: institutional capacity building of women chamber/ trade bodies, formulate gender action plan, encourage bankers for finance to women entrepreneurs, conduct study on women entrepreneurs, organize women entrepreneur conference, national SME women entrepreneurship award, SME product fair for women entrepreneur etc.

Business Support Service
SME Foundation provides different kinds of business support service for entrepreneurship development. These are: promotion and market expansion of SME product, establish linkage between buyer and seller, provide advice and guideline with information support for new business development, publish SME business manual, organize SME product fair etc.